Deep Nourishment for Fertility and Pregnancy Preparation

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It's time for you to feel nourished, informed, and supported on your journey toward pregnancy and parenthood.

Crafted with love & expertise

by us at Storka together with a leading Swedish nutrition expert, this course is your next step to demystify fertility nutrition and get all the answers to your questions around nutrition.

✅ Which foods & nutrients support my fertility
✅ Which supplements to take & how to pick them
✅ How your male partner can support his fertility
✅ Which foods & drinks to avoid or limit



❌ No more stressful scrolling through social media.
❌ No more guesswork and confusion.
❌ No more inconsistent diet advice.
❌ No more restrictive or tasteless meals.


Everything you need is bundled into one transformative course that both you and your partner can explore together. ❤️

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You will walk away being an expert in how to compose a delicious & highly nutrient-dense meal in ways can support your fertility 🌱

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you will learn:


"My husband and I had been doing our own research about how we could prepare for our pregnancy, but it was pretty overwhelming. Storka came at the exact right time for us and provided us with the practical support and fact-based material we needed when it comes to nutrition. We loved it!"

Helen, London

"Storka has made me so much more intentional about my life while on my fertility journey. Ingrid and Adrien foster a warmth from the very start of the course, that makes it relaxing and more joyful to be in preconception. I now feel safe and confident about how to eat & my other routines to support my fertility."

Lena, Munich

Here's what
you'll get:

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  • 20 Engaging Videos from a Leading Nutritionist: Bite-sized and easy to digest
  • 8 Comprehensive Handouts: Practical, powerful, and ready to use
  • 20+ Nutrient-Dense Recipes: Designed for optimal fertility
  • Complete Nutrition Insights: Tailored for enhancing fertility in men and women
Start Learning Now!

This course is your next step to demystify fertility nutrition and get all the answers to your questions around nutrition.


Embark on a Path of Nutritional Empowerment 


This course is more than just a guide; it's a journey towards feeling empowered and at peace with your fertility nutrition choices.

You can stop scrolling through IG accounts and other blogs - you can begin this transformative experience right now with everything you need to know within this course.

Join us and start building a foundation for your fertility, a healthy pregnancy and baby, with the knowledge and confidence you need to make the best choices for your future family.


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Hi there!

We are Ingrid and Adrien.

Just like you we were...

...longing not just for a child, but for a journey that integrated deep self-love, trust, and body wisdom into our quest to grow a family.


In our search, we realised that general advice often lacked a sense of empowerment and left us seeking ways to actively engage in our own journey. Overwhelmed by conflicting information and feeling lost,  we reached a turning point.


Yearning for a holistic approach, we sought to deepen our understanding of our bodies, their innate wisdom, and the key factors we could influence to support our fertility,

influence pregnancy outcomes, and ensure the health of our future child.

This approach aimed to empower not just our physical health but also our emotional, relational, and spiritual growth. In 2022, we were blessed to welcome our daughter into the world, a joyous culmination of our journey. 


At Storka, together with our team of experts, we blend this comprehensive support with our nurturing philosophy, guiding you through your transformative journey towards the family you dream of.

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